If you have not made your decision to book a room in Accohostel yet and you want to learn more about the best youth hostel in Stockholm, then let us present our Hostel photo for your consideration!
We always welcome our guests and are ready to offer excellent, perfectly clean and bright hostel rooms! Each of them is big enough to easily hold 6 people not cumbering each other. A comfortable bed with clean snow-white bed sheets, a soft pillow and a warm blanket – that's what every traveler needs to have a good night's rest! Neatness is the main rule of our youth hostel, so, besides the rooms you will find clean and comfortable shower rooms and toilets. It’s worth mentioning that there are a number of services for tourists available in Accohostel. In our hostel image you can well see our small and very cozy kitchen, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee with an interesting companion. You can learn more about the sights with an access to a computer and Wi-Fi or just have a good time watching TV and playing games. We have everything to make your rest most comfortable!


Ansgariegatan 10, 117 28, STOCKHOLM  +46855926519

 Skype: acco_hostel  acco.hostel@gmail.com

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNDhH_wr24fUWXqVVAcw7ow http://vk.com/acco_hostel